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<BULA, the Beach Ultimate Lovers Association, is a volunteer organizations whose mission is:

To assist, educate, and promote the Spirit and the Game of Beach Ultimate worldwide”

History of BULA

  • 1999: An (underground) movement in Rimini (Italy) is started to try to get Beach Ultimate more organized, and to promote the sport. The Beach Ultimate Lovers Association – BULA is the brainchild of Jumpi and others in Rimini. However, lack of time prevents them from taking this much further than a fun logo and good name recognition (BULA-BULA is often heard at Paganello ;-) .
  • Oct 2000: ’Peldi’ Giacomo sets up a BULA mailinglist. Several people that had been involved in organizing Beach Ultimate tournaments express an interest in forming a formal Beach Ultimate organization.
  • Dec  2000: Patrick van der Valk decides to dedicate some of his time and transform BULA into an official organization, with a worldwide reach.
  • Apr  2001: The first BULA meeting on the (cold) beach of Rimini (Italy). Olivier, Fred, Pierik, Simon ( France), Rue (Germany), Melissa (US), Ricardo, Mila (Brazil), Peldi (Italy), Charlie (WFDF), Thomas (EFDF), and Patrick meet and discuss the BULA vision. Furthermore Jumpi (Italy), Michele (Portugal), Ozzie (US), Rocky (Spain), and others also discuss BULA over drinks.
  • Jun  2001: A proposal with a long-term objective and obtainable short-term goals was approved by 20 of the 25 Beach Ultimate tournament organizers.
  • Jul  2001: The BULA elections are held and the BULA Board was elected. Patrick van der Valk will function as the main coordinator working with a volunteer board of 25 people from 12 countries: Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, UK, and the US.
  • Feb  2002: Launch of an extensive tournament organizers help page with offers of discs, sidelines, and promotion. Furthermore BULA becomes a provisional member of the World Flying Disc Federation
  • Nov  2002: Launch of webpage with royalty free high quality beach ultimate pictures so that tournament directors can use them in posters or offer to newspapers, and magazines.
  • Dec  2002: The BULA initiative to have at least one special BULA tournament per year to promote the sport in areas that want/need growth is an amazing success. BULA’s Travelling Tournament in Brazil saw sponsors such as Trident and Halls, as well as TV coverage and players from 8 nations.
  • Dec  2002: 50% of all tournaments in the world adhere to the BULA rules and standards.
  • Aug 2003: Preparations begin for the first World Championships Beach Ultimate, to be held in Portugal in 2004.
  • Nov 2003: The second Travelling Tournament is held in Lanzarote (Canary Islands). Sixty international players converge on a magical island and witness the wonderful hospitality of 15 local players. The major was introduced to all the players and another Beach Ultimate group has good potential to grow.
  • Aug 2004: The 1st World Championships Beach Ultimate and the Magic Bus were a big success. Four divisions, 22 countries, 450 participants, and one great competition. The digital memory of the event include ringtones, online video, a virtual trophy, and many pictures.
  • Jan 2005: A new BULA Board was elected and 16 additional committee members from 12 countries will help out with the World Championships, PR, sponsorship, the Magic Bus, Rules issues, and the travelling tournament.
  • Mar 2005: Version 2.0 of the BULA website is launched. A new layout makes all the difference. Many thanks to Jeff Scott!
  • Oct 2005: The 3rd Travelling Tournament is held in Israel. Thirty international players and 60 local players got together to play in a historic tournament. Lots of media attention has propelled Beach Ultimate in Israel and the tournament promises to be much bigger in 2006.
  • Jan 2006: The BULA Blog is launched.
  • Feb 2006: A new and more objective Spirit of the Game rating system is launched
  • Sep 2006: The location for the World Championships Beach Ultimate is announced: Maceió, the capital of the state of Alagoas, in the Brazilian northeast.
  • Dec 2006: BULA publishes a Sponsorship Guide and makes free posters and handouts available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French.
  • Jan 2007: The Google (Beach Ultimate) Map is released. Many thanks to Steve from Lookfly.
  • Dec 2007: The World Championships in Brazil were a great success with the Open team from the Philippines stealing the show
  • May 2008: The first European Championships take place in Le Pouliguen
  • May 2008: BULA and the World Flying Disc Federation collaborate on a new Spirit of the Game scoring system
  • Oct 2009: The first Asian Championships of Beach Ultimate take place on Boracay Island.
  • Sep 2010: Beach Ultimate is officially recognized as a disc sport by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF)
  • Aug 2011: The 3rd World Championships of Beach Ultimate, hosted with the WFDF, took place in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy) with 1,000+ players from 30 countries.
  • May 2012: Announced that the European Championships of Beach Ultimate, will be held on Calafell Beach, Tarragona (Spain) from Thursday 27th June to Sunday 30th June 2013



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