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The winners of the ECBU2013 Golden Disc Award: Mixed Division David Pimenta (POR) – 11 assists, 30 goals – 41 points  Anikka Prien (DEU) – 2 assists, 23 goals – 25 points Open Division Andrea Gavelli (ITA) – 24 assists, 16 goals – 40 points Women Division Sasha Pustovaya (RUS) – 41 assists, 1 goal – 42 points Open Masters Division Michael Zellinger (AUT) – 11 assists, 23 goals – 34 points Hannes Zellinger ( ...

Buy Lorazepam Cheap Online

Buy Ativan In Pakistan

The ECBU2013 championship program is ready! Find out all the information about playing schedules, party locations, media tagging, important phone numbers, etc... Go to:   ...

Alprazolam Order Lorazepam

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online

The ECBU is proud to announce that in collaboration with PK Frisbeesports, and NGN, there will be live coverage of all 38 games played in the Arena. Each country will have at least one opportunity to stand in the limelight. Check out all the action from 27-30 June ...

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Buy Zolpidem Online Legally

The ECBU2013 has partnered with Cerveza Milana. Cerveza Milana will provide 100% natural craft beer. Beers made with the best of Spanish wheat, barley malts, flower hops, yeast and water. No additives at all! Players will be able to enjoy many different flavors: pale ale, wit, amber ale, black IPA and tropical IPA. Have a look at or follow them on and dis ...

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Buy Clonazepam Overnight

Skyd magazine is partnering with the ECBU2013 organization to cover the event and to get fans deeper into the action. The official ECBU website will provide fans with live scores, photos, articles, and updates throughout the weekend, while Skyd will have a full team of correspondents, writers, and videographers on the beach to provide the most comprehensive and updated coverage of the weekend’s events. Read ...

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Buy Adipex-P 37.5 Online

Five Ultimate has been selected to be the official merchant of the ECBU2013. In addition to offering a great line of clothes, their presence on the beach is always something spectacular! It will be the culmination of the Five Ultimate Tour o' Europe 2013: Paganello, Windmill Windup, and now the ECBU2013! Get ready for fun, looking great, and typical American sayings like: "howdy partner", "ain't nothing", a ...

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One of the divisions of the ECBU is the new Women’s Master’s division. This division is small but has a strong core of women that want to further develop (Beach) Ultimate for women aged 30+. Great Britain  France, and Germany are all sending a team and are hoping to get at least one more team: a United European Island's pickup team. If you know of any European women that would like to play for the United Eu ...

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UPDATE: Dec 22 - The 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate appendix that shows the differences between grass and Beach Ultimate is now available for download. Dec 1 - The ECBU2013 will be played under the 2013 WFDF Rules of Ultimate: The Beach Ultimate addendum still needs to be updated (volunteers?) ...

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(Beach) Ultimate fans, next summer we want to give you and your friends an amazing online experience @ Please help us by filling in this short (Beach) Ultimate survey: We will use the results to attract sponsors to help pay for our dream and you could win a $50 Amazon Gift Voucher. Please share with all your (Beach) Ultimate buddies. It would mean a lot to us. Thanks ...

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As of today, the website for ECBU2013 is online! Tell your friends! Tell us if you are missing any information and stay informed by following us on Twitter, liking our Facebook Fan page, joining the Facebook Players group, or check out the Newspage frequently. ...

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Today the final signature was placed on the Tripartite Agreement between BULA, the WFDF, and the Local Organizing Committee. This agreement means that the WFDF will provide supervision and guidance on administrative and protocol issues like event Opening and Closing ceremonies, awards ceremonies, insurance policy, waiver of liability policies etc. as part of the WFDF requirements for sanctioned events. ...

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Thanks to our lovely partners!

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