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The WFDF & BULA 2013 European Championships of Beach Ultimate offers many partnership opportunities.

At-event opportunities

In addition to the 1,150 athletes from across Europe that will flock to the Calafell, the beach sees up to 5,000 visitors per day in June. This makes the championship an attractive venue to promote products and services.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the possibilities, please send an email to opportunities@ECBU2013.org.

Live online event

During the event, at live.ECBU2013.org, Skyd Magazine will deliver professional content such live & highlight videos, news articles, live scores, and pictures will be constantly updated. In addition, and almost more importantly, the site will incorporate fan generated content.

The incorporation of fan generated content is based on tags. For example, blog posts, YouTube videos, tweets, and pictures with the tags #ECBU2013, #FRA, and #MIX will show up on a special ECBU webpage for the French Mixed team. The same content will also be available on the page for all French teams as well as the page of the Mixed division. This allows each visitor to get the information he/she wants and creates a single website for everyone to visit during the event.

Backed by a solid outreach to generate awareness of live.ecbu2013.org amongst bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, and regular media, this online extravaganza offers a unique opportunity.

If you are interested in receiving more info about exclusive sponsorship of live.ecbu2013.org, send an email to live@ECBU2013.org.


If you are interested in covering the event and need more information, pictures, videos, etc.., please contact us at media@ECBU2013.org

Beach Ultimate is growing!!

This 2011 World Championships video received 100,000+ views:



Thanks to our lovely partners!

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